About Us

Academic Arts High School is a tuition-free charter PUBLIC school serving grades 9-12.  We bring together environmental education and project-based learning to empower students.  Students learn about the world through exploration of their individual interests by designing and completing projects that meet state academic standards.


"A community supporting the individual through authentic education that supports life-long learning."


"Learn by doing, embrace your place in the world,  prepare for success, and make friends along the way."


Our policies and curriculum are guided by four pillars.  These pillars help us maintain focus on what is most important to us as a learning community.  We reference these pillars when making any decision that can affect our students and school:

Authentic Learning

Students learn by studying topics that interest them and apply to their lives (e.g. project-based learning, experiential days)

Environmental Education 

Students study environmental themes in their coursework (e.g. river tours with national park rangers, annual Audubon retreat)

Real-World Readiness

Students graduate from AAHS ready for life after high school. (e.g. senior life plan, internships, college applications)

Personal Relationships

Students develop real working relationships classmates and staff (e.g. project advisories, student organizations)


Our Story

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Complaint Policies and Procedures

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