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Academic Calendar & Schedule


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8:00-8:40 - REACH Advisory

8:50-10:30 - Period 1

10:35-11:25 - Period 2

11:25-11:55 - Lunch

12-12:50 - Period 2

12:55-2:35 - Period 3

Our academic calendar is split into four quarters. Quarters have classes that focus on a common theme for the quarter. Throughout the quarter, students check in with teachers and advisors about their progress. After each quarter, students celebrate their achievement and share their projects with the community at an “Exhibition Day”.  After projects are presented and assessed at exhibition day students earn credit for their hard work.

The theme for quarter one of the 2019-20 school year is:



Though testing is not a central part of our class curriculum (our world needs people that can DO things, not just take tests), our school is still accountable to show student growth and proficiency through standardized tests.  The data from these tests helps teachers better understand student needs.  Throughout the year, students take the following standardized tests:

  • MCA - The standardized tests required of all schools by the State of Minnesota. This test measures proficiency in different subjects.

  • NWEA - An optional test that our school chooses to use. The NWEA test assesses growth. Students take this test twice per year. The results of this test help both teachers and students better understand how students are learning and how to best help them succeed.