adriana sevilla

SENIOR PROJECT: ending hunger - working with feed my starving children

Hello, my name is Adriana, and I am 19 years old. Before attending Academic Arts High School, I went to Sibley High School for three years. I am a twin, and my twin sister’s name is Monica. I also have three little sisters and one older brother. We are a big family, and we all manage to live in the same house.

For my senior project, I would like to take part in Feed my Starving Children. I would like to give back to those in need by volunteering and packing food to be delivered to those who need it the most. I hope that the local community will see the benefits of giving some of their time back, and what it means to others. I will be presenting about my time volunteering with this organization, statistics on hunger I will be handing out flyers for an upcoming event so that the audience members can help join the cause.