Alycia genz

SENIOR PROJECT: fixing my credit

My name is Alycia Genz. I have attended Academic Arts for four years, and I must say, out of the four schools I have been to, this one is the best. There are less students than a traditional high school here, which allows students to collaborate with each other on assignments and projects as well as get more individual, one on one help with the teachers.

I love the concept of project-based learning as well. Doing a project on my interests, at my pace, is much easier for me than sitting in a class I am forced to take. There are also many paras available for help, if the teacher is busy.

My senior project will be about my credit score. I recently found out the consequences of not paying off a credit card, which, for me, resulted in a horrible credit rating and being turned into the IRS! My goal is to learn more about credit in general, my credit situation specifically, and increase my credit score by creating a detailed monthly plan of tasks including talking with creditors and banks. I want others to know how credit can affect them and to learn from my mistakes before it is too late!