evie ingebrigtsen

SENIOR PROJECT: 325h.085 - time for a change


My high school journey started in Cannon Falls as a freshman. I lived there for twelve years before I fled from an unhealthy way of life to Downtown St. Paul, where I started my sophomore year. Humboldt High School was my first taste of a city school, but being one of only five to eight white students; I felt alienated. I began skipping school and getting in trouble by following the wrong crowd in order to avoid being alone. After that year, I determined Humboldt was not a good option for my junior year, so my family moved to West St. Paul. I had gotten my driver’s license that year, so I enrolled at Simley High School in Inver Grove, but only days after starting, I was once again skipping school, because of the awful experience I had. I went to school about once or twice a week, and after not completing any work and not returning, I looked for a school that may be more suitable and with less students. We found Academic Arts High School, and it has been a blessing to have been accepted for enrollment here.

I am very honored to be graduating from AAHS and thankful for the unique structure and their ability to respond genuinely to each individual. I very much appreciate the staff and their dedication to helping and pushing students to achieve greater than they believe they can accomplish. Not too long ago, I didn't see myself finishing my junior year, and now I am taking the final steps to graduation, and can soon tip my graduation hat to AAHS.

Psoriasis has been a skin condition I have dealt with for years. The best way to describe it would be inflamed, itchy, and scaly, small patches of skin that can spread over the whole surface of your body. These patches are very aggravating and can be extremely humiliating. The dermatologist I have seen for years on this matter said it may not ever go away completely, but to best combat this, she wanted me to get as much UV light as I could. Living in Minnesota, it's not always an option to have UV sunlight, so many turn to tanning beds. The Minnesota State law says only persons over the age of eighteen, however, can use a tanning bed. For my senior project, my goal is to get an amendment on that law, so with a doctor's prescription, it exempts teens from needing to be eighteen. I'm going to do this with help from my grandfather, Bill Ingebrigtsen, who is a member of the Minnesota Senate. He will write a bill and introduce it. From there, I will take the bill, my testimonial, facts and statistics with me to lobby to other legislators at the capital. I hope to not only achieve the right to sunbed tanning for minors, with a doctor's prescription, but to also let this be an example to people of all ages, that there is a way to make changes in law and the process is not as complicated as one would think.