jarren kennedy

SENIOR PROJECT: safe sports - preventing common injuries


Hi. I am senior at Academic Arts High School (AAHS). Before attending Academic Arts, I went to St. Croix Lutheran. I attended St. Croix Lutheran from sixth to eleventh grade. St. Croix is a college prep school, so the curriculum was very advanced and they pushed us to be the best we could be, both academically and as a person in the community. The Life Plan project at AAHS combined with what I learned at St. Croix Lutheran has made it so I feel confident that I am ready for the next step in my journey, educational or otherwise.

For my senior project, my goal is to bring further awareness to injuries in sports. I recently suffered a torn ACL playing sports, so this is a topic that has impacted my life greatly. I will present much of the current research on this growing issue, and I hope to inform people on how to have fun playing on the court or the field, but also how to stay safe and the best way to treat injuries when accidents take place.