nathanal bledsoe

senior project: AAHS School commercial

Hi, I am a senior at Academic Arts High School. Before coming to this school, I went to the Academy for Sciences and Agriculture (AFSA). I was there for my freshman year and the first month of my sophomore year. Like this school, it was dramatically different from other high schools. Some of the things they have in common are the special Friday courses and experiential learning. I enjoyed my time at that school, but I feel like AAHS has been a better fit for me.

For my senior project, I plan on producing a school commercial. I chose this project, because I have a strong interest in producing, and I have experience in the field of cinematography. The film will take a lot of cooperation from the students and staff, and quite a bit of editing on my part. I plan on shooting it in Documercial style, which I believe is a good way to show the many great things about Academic Arts. My goal is to give back to this school and help increase interest and understanding of what AAHS is about. Hopefully, other students will see why this is a great school to go to, and they'll have as good a time in high school as I have.