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parent testimonials

“Academic Arts is what we were needing for our child.”

“Alternative schools are an essential part of community education!”

“A beautiful community of teachers, students and parents working together to create the best learning experience possible.”

“Thank you staff for all the hard work you put in for the students! It is greatly appreciated.”

"Every student knew one another and treated each other with respect as equals."

“The curriculum offers the flexibility and creativity to keep kids engaged and fosters accountability and achievement. The teachers and administration go the extra mile in helping kids achieve where other schools would give up on them.”


No matter how much time we spend with them at school we will never know our students as well as their parents and guardians.  Input from parents and guardians is invaluable.  If you are interested in helping us build our school we would love for you to participate in one of our parent and guardian committees.

School Board

Strategic Planning Committee

Event Planning Committee

Report an Absence

We are still setting up our new school management system.  Once it is ready to go, we will have details of how absences can be reported online.