Quarter Themes 2017-2018


What's in a theme?

Another important part of our learning program is our quarter themes.  Each quarter we focus on different themes.  Students learn about different aspects of these themes in all of their classes and field trips.  Themes are intentionally broad and are chosen based their potential to address multiple levels of environmental citizenship and to be engaging...for staff and students alike.  The staff at AAHS are excited about the things that they are learning along with the students.  It is an amazing time to live and there is always more to learn.  Themes help us dive deep into engaging topics and understand them from multiple perspectives.

Quarter 1: "Public Service"

Students will understand the rights and responsibilities of an individual citizen with respect to the overall function of the community.

Quarter 2: "Pop Culture"

Students will identify societal values through different eras.

Quarter 3: "Technology"

Students will recognize and demonstrate the use of technology in our daily lives.

Quarter 4: "Invasion"

Students will determine the factors that influence how organisms, people, ideas, and technologies spread throughout the world.