rebecca viska

SENIOR PROJECT: aahs school forest

My name is Rebecca Viska. I am a senior at Academic Arts High School. I excel in Life Science, and I am also a school mentor. In addition, I have always been fond of animals, and I enjoy interacting with other people. My immediate goal is to graduate high school, and since I currently have a two year old son, I have not had much time to think about what my next step after high school might be.  I first started my high school journey at a traditional public school. I never imagined myself finishing high school, let alone graduating on time. Now, here I am four years later working on my Senior Project, and I am on track to finish my high school career with my assigned graduating class of 2016. Completing high school this year is forcing me to finally have a reason to look into what my next steps are going to be in life.

I always wished there was an outdoor classroom we could use for Life Science, but living in an urban setting, these outdoor locations are far and few between. For my Senior Project, I am going to help create an outdoor classroom for our school called the Academic Arts School Forest. This outdoor classroom will allow students to work outside and learn more about the environment and how ecosystems, even smaller ones, work. There will be an outdoor chalkboard for lessons, student made benches and a path with a staircase to go up and down the hill. I have already helped write a proposal that was accepted by the Minnesota DNR School Forest Program, who will be funding much of this project. I am also partnering with the preschool and childcare center in the same building, Tiny Tots and Little Tykes.