zackary zafke

SENIOR PROJECT: desktop dreams - how to save money by assembling your own computer

My name is Zackary Zafke. I am a 20 year old senior at Academic Arts High School. I spend most of my time either working or with my girlfriend Becca, and her son. I work at Mattie’s Lanes, a bowling alley, and I work quite a lot. I like working with my hands a lot.  I am hard working, and I try to keep up with my school work as well. I admit that I am a bit of a procrastinator, but I like to think that has helped me be a more creative person. I am also pretty great with kids. I am a good friend, and I work hard to have healthy relationships with the people in my life, even though it can be hard at times. I am an empathetic person, and I try and be helpful to others whenever possible.

My Senior Project is about computers. I will be showing the audience that it does not take much to learn the different parts of a computer, how they work, how to diagnose problems, and how to fix those problems or replace broken components. I will compare costs of building your own computer to purchasing one from a store, and I will also compare costs of fixing your own computer to hiring a professional. I want the audience to learn from this and use this information in their own lives to save a lot of money whether that be at home or in the workplace.