Are Charter Schools "Real" Schools?

Yes.  Charter schools are public schools just like any public school.  In 1992, Minnesota made history by being the first state to pass charter legislation.  Many other states soon followed but Minnesota's charter school laws are still among the strongest and most student-centered in the nation.  

Each charter school in Minnesota has an authorizer.  Our authorizer is the Audubon Center of the North Woods.  Authorizers are responsible for ensuring that their schools meet and comply with the same standards and regulations, dictated by the Minnesota Department of Education, that all public schools in the state need to.

So yes, charter schools are real schools.  Students get the same high quality education.  Graduates receive the same diploma recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education.  We just tend to think that our charter school is pretty awesome!


Why is there no school on Fridays?

Well, there IS school on Fridays...every other Friday.  We also have longer school days.  Those extra hours add up and allow us not to need to have school on Fridays twice per month.  That's pretty neat!

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us.