Annual   Audubon Center of the North Woods trip.

Annual Audubon Center of the North Woods trip.

Environmental Education

Students at Academic Arts High School study environmental themes in their coursework throughout the school year.  We are chartered through Audubon Center of the North Woods and use this relationship to continually develop curriculum that helps students understand their connection to the environment and their place in the world.

MAAP Stars

MAAP Stars

Project-Based Learning

Every student is unique.  At AAHS, students are encouraged to explore and develop their individual skills and interests through projects aligned with state standards.  Twenty-first century resources, including a new music production studio and Chromebooks in all classrooms, allow students to develop projects limited only by their imagination and creativity.


2015/16   Tiny House Project

2015/16 Tiny House Project

Authentic Experience

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom.  AAHS students have opportunities to try new things.  Whether touring a local museum, contributing real scientific observations to a national database, making homemade pizza dough,  or attending the annual trip to the Audubon Center, there is always something new to learn in fun and exciting ways.





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